How will my donation be used?
  Donations will be used in a variety of ways. We are attempting to reprogram one of the staples of Computer Gaming. We've taken it upon ourselves to inform the masses that using ESDF is the way of the future. We must get our message out. We plan on creating T-shirts, stickers, bumper stickers, and getting our name out on the Internet. All these things take a single resource: Cash. Below are some of the uses your donation will go towards:

    + Help pay for web hosting (or just sign up for DreamHost)
    + Help pay for logo and graphic design
    + Help pay for off-site advertising, keep our site ad free!
    + Keep the dream alive!

  We offer two ways to help us with donations.

  1) Sign-up with our web host DreamHost. For just $7.95 a month, you get 200 GB storage (+1GB additional per week), 2 TB Bandwidth (+16GB additional per week), unlimited databases, unlimited domains, and tons of extra features. We receive a $97 credit to our account when you sign up. We then receive an additional $5 for anyone you sign up (you get $97)! You get this same reward program, it's win-win situation!

  2) Donate directly to us using PayPal. If you wish to donate to us using this method please click the button below:

  After you donate you will be contacted by us thanking you greatfully, and asking if you'd like to be listed on our website as a donator. Initally your donation will be listed as anonymous, until you respond. Should you sign-up for DreamHost and we receive credit, we will provide a link to your website on this page. Thanks in advance!


    + 20vmki(dot)com - Site Design
    + onlinefanatic(dot)com (Kenny) - Support Donation - $1

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