What is ESDF?
  ESDF is the Original FPS key combination used for character control. ESDF is better than WASD in many ways:

    + Provides access to more surrounding keys
    + Natural Typing position
    + Offers left hand mouse users a bit more freedom
    + Real Gamers won't consider you a newb
    + Only sheep use WASD. Are you a sheep?
    + The F-key has a notch on it which helps locate the home row (Thomas S.)

Upcoming Additions:
  We're planning a number of additions to the website. Some of these are in progress, some are being tested, and some are still in the planning stages. If you'd like to help in any way please contact paraLogiki@use-esdf.org.

    + Maze game using ESDF to control, with top 10 times
    + ESDF Convert program
    + More Game keyboard configurations
    + More Testimonials
    + Tracking on any game default we've managed to change
    + Design contests for T-shirts, stickers, bumper stickers

USE-ESDF.org's purpose in life:
  First, we must go back in history and identify the point at which games switched from ESDF to WASD. After identifying this, we must try to understand developer's reasoning behind such a mistake. Only by understanding the switch can we possibly hope to show future developers their error, and get ESDF back to where it belongs -- The Default Key configuration!

  Secondly, we want to provide the gaming community a resource for keyboard configurations for all games related to ESDF control. Providing such a resource makes it much easier for users to switch to ESDF, which just happens to be one of our goals.

Brief History:
  Wikipedia claims that WASD was made popular by Quake. Quake was a huge stepping stone for First Person Shooters. It was one of the earliest games to have head movement control via Mouse on Z-axis, also known as Mouselook or Free look. Prior games, like Doom 2, could be set up for mouse control, but the game automatically managed aiming on Z-axis.
"Quake did not default to WASD. The default controls in quake were actually the arrow keys. The Quake community started using ESDF and WASD (as did Doom before Quake). However, the big push toward WASD happened when Thresh (Dennis Fong) won John Carmack's Ferrari in the first big Quake tournament. After that people started sending his Quake cfg file around and using his settings in hopes of being as good as him. He used WASD and the rest is history." (Jon A.)
  Due to the popularity of Quake and its many copies and predecessors, Quake is probably the cause of WASD's dominance. However, there was very little to control in Quake. Movement was 90% of the game play; the other 10% being switching weapons. So, extra key mappings weren't necessary for Quake. Later games began adding more things to do, leaning, reloading, voice chat menus, special commands, crouching, going prone, etc. Since developers and publishers need to get paid for their games, they need to tailor games to the masses, or in this case "sheep". We don't have a percentage, but our guess is a very high percentage of gamers use the games default configuration when playing. Causing "sheep" to learn new keys is a quick way to lose them.

  There are games out there that don't care about the "sheep". Tribes default configuration uses ESDF, since the game has a LOT of extra controls. Tribes is a game that probably isn't considered a game for "sheep".

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